Thermal sewage sludge treatment: Element of a future sewage sludge disposal 

Objective: Development of an overall system for thermal sewage sludge treatment under consideration of new treatment methods; the aim is the implementation of sustainable sewage sludge treatment with a high operation-/ disposal security, i.e. optimisation in regards of the energetic as well as material use (Phosphor recovery). 

Working focus: 

  • Concept development for a thermal sewage sludge treatment and disposal particularly for decentralised units, under consideration of the requirements of an adaptable energy system on the wastewater treatment plant (integration of results regarding the conventional/high load digestion and thermal pressure hydrolysis) as well as ecological (emissions of thermal treatment processes) and economic impacts

  • Considerations of approaches for a phosphor recovery from sew- age sludge ashes of thermal sewage sludge treatment

  • Embedment of the thermal sewage sludge treatment and disposal within the wastewater treatment plant of the future especially due to heat recovery provided by the thermal treatment