Thermal pressure hydrolysis: Relevance as heat sink and sewage sludge disintegration

Objective: Development of treatment combinations for an utilisation of hardly resp. non-degradable substances for example by using “excessive” energy (heat sink) or renewable energies (solar thermal energy) via thermal pressure hydrolysis 

Working focus:

  • Performance of laboratory and pilot scale experiments of the ther- mal pressure hydrolysis due to optimise the digestion resp. to improve the anaerobic degradability of hardly/non-degradable sub- stances/sludge and derivation of reaction kinetics 

  • Examination of the application of oxidizing agents in combination with thermal pressure hydrolysis to reduce hardly/non-degradable substances within process water 

  • Integration of the thermal pressure hydrolysis within the adapted conventional resp. high load digestion as well as development of operational concepts for the application of the thermal pressure hydrolysis as heat sink (excess heat) especially with regard to hydrolysis effects